Additions to Expand Your Life

The decision to renovate your home isn’t one to be made lightly. You must consider several factors including price, mess, inconvenience, and choosing a contractor. We understand all of these factors at Mangrove Construction, and will address each of those here. Simply building a home addition solves many issues a homeowner often faces.

You may choose to build an addition for a variety of reasons. Adding square footage to your existing home is generally less expensive than buying a new house, and the creation of the new room or rooms is 100% your creativity. Our goal is to take your creativity, combine it with our experience and expertise, and build a home addition you are sure to love.

Advantages of a Home Addition

It’s no secret that larger homes cost more. Building an addition to your home increases the square footage, which increases the overall value of your home. You will be able to recover nearly all of the costs of the addition when the time comes to sell.
The increased space allows you to be more creative with room styles. Knock out part of that wall between the two tiny rooms to make a suite of rooms for a child’s play area, a crafting area or personal office near the living room, or whatever combination of rooms your imagination can conjure. The options are nearly endless, and what you do with your home addition is entirely your prerogative.

How Mangrove Construction Can Help

The professional builders at Mangrove Construction are homeowners; we understand the difficult choices all homeowners make when the need to remodel their home arises. We’re available to discuss your project at any time during the planning, design, and construction phases. Feel free to come to us with any concerns you may have.

We put a great deal of effort into using all green materials in every project. We feel it is extremely important to protect our environment and natural resources as much as possible. The idea of green building considers health, environment, and resources consumed during the build process. We choose all of our materials based on those criteria. Building green is cost-effective in the long run even though they require a more extensive upfront premium compared to conventional construction.

We consider several things to help you go green while planning your addition. Some structures can be positioned to take advantage of natural sun exposures; we consider all angles for your home addition to see if we can maximize sun exposure to reduce heating and lighting costs. We also discuss ideas such as Energy Star appliances, insulated low-e glass for windows and doors, energy efficient light bulbs, xeriscape landscaping, and the use of sustainable materials during the build process.

Our goal is to increase your level of happiness as a homeowner. We want to build a home addition that you’ll be proud of while helping you save money and live greener. Our designers and construction specialists will work with you to optimize your project to ensure we meet your design ideas as well as your budget.