We Enjoy Helping Homeowners Create the Kitchen of Their Dreams

Kitchen design can be as simple or as complex as you desire. Some homeowners prefer a small kitchen while others want a very large kitchen in which to cook and entertain guests. Whether you’re building a new home or simply renovating your kitchen, we want to be a part of that process. At Mangrove Construction, we enjoy helping homeowners like you create the kitchen of their dreams.

Our process begins with a consultation and ends with the materialization of your idea of the perfect kitchen design. We will discuss options and materials with you throughout the planning phase to ensure we are on the same page before any physical work begins. Your finished kitchen will be completely your own creation built by people who truly love building custom kitchens.

The kitchen serves several different purposes and is often the most visited room in the home. It must be rugged enough to withstand heavy traffic, stylish enough to be a place of beauty, and functional enough to serve any purpose you choose. Our professional designers and builders understand that the seamless marriage of those elements is required to build the perfect kitchen.

Every homeowner is unique, so every kitchen renovation project is equally as unique. We have never had a homeowner request a duplicate of their neighbor’s kitchen. That simply isn’t how we work as human beings. We enjoy stepping up to the challenge each homeowner places before us.

How We Can Help With Your Kitchen Design

We Understand Difficult Choices

The professionals at Mangrove Construction are also homeowners; we understand the difficult choices you’ll be faced with when the time comes to renovate your kitchen. We’re available to discuss your project at any time during the planning, design, and construction phases.

Green Building Ideas

We put a great deal of effort into using all green materials in every project. We feel it is extremely important to protect our environment and natural resources as much as possible. We choose all of our materials based on the green building ideas which consider health, environment, and resources consumed during the build process. Building green does require a higher upfront premium, but is cost-effective in the long run compared to conventional construction.

Energy Efficiency

We consider ideas such as Energy Star appliances, energy efficient lighting, and sustainable materials used during the build process. Our goal is to build a kitchen that you’ll be proud of while helping reduce your carbon footprint whether we’re renovating a few rooms or building your entire home. Our designers and construction specialists will work with you to optimize your kitchen to ensure we meet your design ideas as well as your budget.