Bathroom Design

Every bathroom is as unique as the homeowner who designs it. Where some people prefer a modest bathroom, others want an immensely elaborate room in which to prepare for work, de-stress, or relax after a long day. We want the opportunity to design and build the bathroom of your dreams. At Mangrove Construction, we have the resources to create the perfect bathroom whether we’re remodeling a few rooms or building your home from the ground up.

The bathroom design process begins with a consultation so you can give us your ideas. We will take your creativity and needs, and marry them with impeccable functionality. We will make absolutely sure we’re all on the same page before any construction begins. Our goal is to deliver a completely functional bathroom based on your unique design and requirements.

How Your Design Process Will Flow

We Are Also Homeowners

At Mangrove Construction we are also homeowners. We understand the difficult choices you’ll face along the way to designing and building your perfect bathroom. We’re available to discuss your project at any time during the planning, design, and construction phases. No construction, or deconstruction, will begin without your consent so we make sure we’re on the same page.

We Are Eco-Concious

We strive to use all green materials in every project, and encourage our clients to go green; even if it’s one room at a time. We choose all of our materials based on the green building ideas which consider health, environment, and resources consumed. Going green requires a higher upfront premium, but is cost-effective in the long run compared to conventional construction.

We Are Budget Concious

We consider several ideas to reduce your carbon footprint such as Energy Star appliances, energy efficient lighting, and sustainable materials. Our designers and construction specialists will work with you to optimize your bathroom design to ensure maximum functionality. We will work diligently to meet your design ideas and stay within your budget.