FAQ Page

This is a project where we partner to provide them with our experience and resources to design, permit, and build (or renovate) a new home or commercial building to meet our client’s budget and requirements.

Build a Home TheaterYes. New construction is delivered with an inclusive one year warranty. Rennovation projects carry a inclusive six-month warranty and a one year structural warranty.


It is difficult to price per square foot as there are many variables that can affect the price per square foot such as floor coverings, fixtures, cabinets, tile roof, tray ceilings, number of baths, etc.). You should expect that a quality custom home costs start at $95 per square foot and can exceed $150 per square foot for very high end finishes and construction materials.

Yes, please feel free to discuss your specific budget constraints with us so we can accomodate your specific needs.

Often the complexity of the construction project will dictate the length of time it takes to complete. You can expect that a bathroom remodel completed in just a few days to complete, a renovation and addition would require a few months, and new construction about six to seven months.  For items like plan review and permitting that are out-of our-control we do everything possible to have our paperwork in perfect order to expedite approval process and minimized lenghtly delays. Once we start construction, we work really hard keep each project on schedule and typically include incentives for our tradesmen to complete their work with zero defects and on time.

Both small and large jobs.We have a service department that handles small jobs that take a few hours to a few daysto complete. And for new construction and larger construction project we assign an experienced full-time project manager with the appropriate support staff.