Work directly with a professional designer to turn your dream into reality.

Many construction companies expect the homeowner to know what they want build, or have a set of generic house plans. Don’t restrict yourself to a home that your HOA says you can build – work directly with a professional designer to turn your dream into reality

One of our best resources at Mangrove Construction is a designer who can help you design your home, remodeling project, or commercial property. We know that homeowners are moving away from traditional house plans and choose to design and build the house they want to live in.

One Contract, One Team

The benefits of having a designer on hand are immense – there is no need to have multiple contracts to build the perfect home or office. Collaborative project management allows us to design and build your home much faster than a team without a designer.

Our designer brings a great deal of functionality to our team, and gives you a single point of contact for the duration of the project. Owners are allowed to focus on the project instead of keeping up with separate contracts for a designer and builder. Combining our design and build processes allows us to offer you better prices, a better schedule, and increased performance.

Our Promise

The professionals at Mangrove Construction are homeowners. We understand what it is to build a custom home, and we have a lot of experience with the design build process. Call to discuss your prospective project, or a project we’re currently working on together.

We use all green materials during a full design build. We will share ideas with you on how you can make your home as self-sufficient as possible and reduce your carbon footprint. Insulated low-e windows and doors, Energy Star appliances, and solar panels are some of the ways we can help you help the environment with minimal investment. We believe it is very important to protect the environment, so all of our materials are chosen with the environment in mind.